Basic Racing Etiquette


Please be sure that your boat is ready to go before bringing it up to the pits.
This includes frequency pin, batteries charged, tank fueled, shaft greased, radio box lid in place, etc.
The only reason to use tools on the pit table is if something happens, and you need to make a quick fix.

If you are using an RF radio, be sure to extend the transmitter antenna. This is especially important if you use both RF and 2.4 radios…

Always face your boat’s exhaust away from others and keep the prop in the prop guard.

If you have a slow boat, it is advisable to stay on the outside of the course. The definition of slow boat would be one that is operating at substantially slower than racing speed or much slower than the slowest boat. If you are racing, and someone is going to pass you, stay where you are and let them go around.

When bringing your boat in, go wide on the last turn and run parallel with the shore.
Shut your boat off as it approaches your waiting pit person. You may turn left as the boat is coasting.

DO NOT bring your boat straight in, even if told to cut the course.

Be sure to put the frequency pin back if you have one.

 Pit Person-

Be careful when picking up the running boat. Always be aware of where the prop is.
Pick the boat straight up, before moving away from the table. Props are expensive.
Don’t swing the boat so that the spinning prop is near someone else.

Don’t run or even walk fast to the water. If you slip with a running boat, the prop can end up in some very painful places. If you run with a running boat, you will be called on it. Don’t do it.

Launch the boat to the left, parallel with the race course. DO NOT throw the boat straight out. Most do not turn left and may get T-boned by oncoming boats.

Count laps with your fingers held up so that race officials can see them.

If you are waiting for a retrieve, take your boat stand and starting equipment off of the pit table.
This lets the next heat get there sooner.
Wait for your boat at the retrieve boat station. Don’t make someone else bring it to you.

Once you have your boat, take everything back to your pits. DO NOT leave your starting equipment, tools, etc on the pit table or under, beside, next to, near it. Take it back to your own pits.
If you have a lot or pit equipment, build a cart to haul it around.

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