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15 Minute Epoxy 9 oz

In Stock: 2


Model: 204

Price: $12.00

  15 minute epoxy in two bottles total 9 ounces. Mix 1 to 1 Working time- 8 minutes Cure- 15 minutes Full cure- hours As long as you have ... See Options
16 Gram Mini Servo

In Stock: 7


Model: 5006

Price: $8.00

Small 16 gram servo for use in small to medium sized planes. Plastic gears and bushings. Measures 1.17x.46x1.20 inches(29.5x11.6x30.2mm) Same ... See Options
1667 Prop

In Stock: 18


Model: 4011

Price: $30.00

67mm diameter (2.63 inches) 107mm pitch (4.21 inches)  Suitable for gas boats and large electric. High lift prop works well on hydros with mod ... See Options
2-56 Aluminum Ball Connector- Sullivan

In Stock: 30

Sullivan aluminum ball connector w/sleeve. Use as a pushrod end where you need some angular movement. This assembly allows slop-free movement and ... See Options
2-56 Pushrods

In Stock: 7


Model: 3462

Price: $1.50

12 inch steel pushrod threaded 2-56 at one end. Use for throttle pushrod on all boats and rudder pushrod up to .45 sized boats. Two to a package.
2-56 Solder Clevis

In Stock: 8


Model: 3705

Price: $1.40

Dubro solder clevis for 2-56 sized pushrod. Solder to unthreaded pushrod. Plated steel. Includes two clevises and two retainers.
2-56x30 Pushrod

In Stock: 32


Model: 3706

Price: $1.25

DuBro 30 inch steel pushrod. Threaded 2-56 at one end. Includes 1 pushrod.
21 Nitro Header 180 Degree

In Stock: 13


Model: 2100

Price: $10.00

180 Degree header for 21-28 rear exhaust nitro engines. Clear anodized aluminum. Includes spring and silicone bushing to fit most engines.
21 Nitro Super Tuned Pipe

In Stock: 1


Model: 2102

Price: $69.00

New Super Pipe for .21 to .28 engines! Designed by IMPBA Hall of Fame member Rod Geraghty. Thin wall stainless steel pipe for better resonance and ... See Options
21 Outboard Ultimate Hardware Combo

In Stock: 2


Model: 3609

Price: $65.00

Complete hardware set for our JAE 21OB Outrigger kit. Includes everything you need to complete your kit except Engine, Transmitter, receiver, ... See Options
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