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447 Plastic Prop

In Stock: 12


Model: 4017
Price: $3.00

Weight: 0.1lbs

Date Added: Tuesday 24 October, 2017
447 Plastic 2 bladed prop. 47mm (1.85 in.) Diameter 66mm (2.59 in.) Pitch Made from reinforced hard plastic. .187 (3/16) shaft with drive dog ... See Options
Double Sided Velcro

In Stock: 33


Model: 3727
Price: $2.00

Weight: 0.15lbs

Date Added: Tuesday 24 October, 2017
Velcro wrap for batteries and electronics. Double sided, so it sticks to itself. 3/4 by 12 inches. Black. Includes 2 of the 12 inch lengths.
Rudder extension- 3-3/4 Inch

In Stock: 5


Model: 3598
Price: $12.00

Weight: 0.25lbs

Date Added: Tuesday 24 October, 2017
Rudder extension (standoff). Puts the leading edge of the rudder about 3-3/4 inches from the transom. Machined from billet 6061 aluminum. Clear ... See Options
Servo Mount Standard Servo

In Stock: 93


Model: 3711
Price: $6.50

Weight: 0.2lbs

Date Added: Monday 23 October, 2017
One piece servo mount for standard servos. Fits servos that are about 1.6 x .08 inch (41x20 mm). Made from aluminum. Includes aluminum servo mount, ... See Options
Lexan Radio Box Lid- Pro Vee

In Stock: 8


Model: 3710
Price: $4.50

Weight: 0.4lbs

Date Added: Wednesday 04 October, 2017
Replacement lid for our Pro Vee. Identical to the original. Measures about 5-3/4x4-1/8 inches. Made from 1/16 Lexan. Has protective film on both ... See Options
Turn Fin- SLR Missile Thunderboat

In Stock: 4


Model: 3520
Price: $25.00

Weight: 0.8lbs

Date Added: Tuesday 26 September, 2017
Large fin for mounting on large hydro hulls 40 inches and larger. This is the same fin and bracket used on our SLR MissileThunderboat. Fin is .090 ... See Options
Replacement Grommet Set

In Stock: 16


Model: 3708
Price: $4.00

Weight: 0.2lbs

Date Added: Monday 18 September, 2017
Replacement grommet set for our 3455 and 3556 nitro motor mounts. Includes 6 black neoprene grommets for 1/8 inch thick tub.
SLR Missile Ultimate Hardware Combo

In Stock: 2


Model: 3620
Price: $355.00

Weight: 8.5lbs

Date Added: Tuesday 12 September, 2017
Ultimate hardware set for our SLR Missile ThunderBoat hull. If you are looking for everything you need to complete your SLR Missile, this ... See Options
1/4 x 27 Flex Shaft- Short Stub

In Stock: 19


Model: 3707
Price: $25.00

Weight: 0.4lbs

Date Added: Friday 08 September, 2017
1/4 x 27 inch flex shaft. Has 1/4 stub shaft welded on. Stub shaft is 3-1/2 inches long. 1 inch shorter than normal. Designed for use with ... See Options
90 Degree Water Fitting- M6

In Stock: 15


Model: 3619
Price: $8.00

Weight: 0.2lbs

Date Added: Friday 01 September, 2017
Fully adjustable 90 degree M6 water fitting. Includes 2 fittings and 2 nuts.  
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