Setup tips For Zipp Hulls



JAE Gas and new Envy Outrigger

  • The boat likes a lot of prop. 2818, 3016, etc. Must be very sharp.
  • CG is not at all critical, but shoot for the rear of the fin.
  • You MUST use a straight rudder (no taper on leading edge). Bad things happen if you don't.
  • Shorten RF boom tube 1/4 inch for toe in.
  • If using an adjustable strut, set it 1/4 inch above the ski (at 0 degrees).
  • Use a DIGITAL rudder servo with at least 250 oz/in of torque.
  • If the boat is pulling hard right with throttle, the rudder servo is too weak.
  • This can be a sweet running boat if all of the above is heeded.

Easy Vee

  • If using a mod engine:
  • SetĀ all trimĀ tabs level and adjust right inner so that boat does not lean at full throttle going straight.
  • If boat is loose, drop both inner tabs the same amount until the boat slightly chine walks at max speed.
  • Adjust the right outer tab even with the right inner.
  • Adjust the left outer tab for best left turns.
  • Use a 7016/2 or a 670/2 prop for best performance. Try small (6516, 6518) 3 blade props.
  • With a stock engine, our 1472/3 prop works extremely well.


  • Zipp pipe at 13.5 inches (or all the way in on the dropped header).
  • 670 2 blade prop cut down to 65mm or 6516/3 prop.
  • Make sure turn fin is exactly 90 degrees to bottom.
  • Trim tabs as close to the bottom as you can get (1/32 inch>>).
  • Strut centerline 1/2 inch below bottom and flat, or up to 1 degree negative (prop down).
  • You should see the bottom skeg on most of the straightaway.


  • Zipp pipe at 13.5 inches (or all the way in on the dropped header).
  • Zipp 2716/2 prop.
  • Strut at 7/8 inch and flat on the table.

Pro Vee

  • Stock or mod engine, use our 2716/2-20 prop.
  • Balance should be at 31% forward of the transom.
  • Lower or raise the inner tabs slightly for best ride. Match outers to inners!
  • The boat should not fly unless the water is rough. Then it should fly level.

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