Zenoah Carb Shield- Outboard

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Carb shield for Zenoah outboards.

Getting water in the carb, even a fine mist, can destroy a gas engine.
The water washes away the oil film on the piston skirt, ruining your day.

This shield was designed to prevent that. Use our 3598 carb screws.

You can either tape over the screw holes, or bridge them with silicone RTV. If you use RTV, you can poke little holes in it and still get to the screws while keeping water out.

Be sure to use a carb gasket under this. Otherwise, water will still get in.

Print sitting on back edge as shown.
Recommended to use PLA or PETG and print at 0.15mm.
100% infill.

No support.

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This product was added to our catalog on Thursday 11 May, 2023.

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