JAE 45 Twin Outrigger Hydro Short Kit


This is the new JAE 45 Twin short kit.

This boat was designed by IMPBA Hall Of Fame member Rod Geraghty and David Hall.
This hull is the current state of the art for riggers.

Designed for very low hydrodynamic drag with water shearing
and anti capillary features, this hull is fast, and turns are incredible!

You can use any pair of .40-.46 marine engine.

This is considered a short kit, as it only includes Laser cut
wood and foam. No boom tubes, turn fin, engine, radio, hardware, etc.

Included in this short kit:

Laser cut 1/8 ply inner tub sides
Laser cut 1/8 ply outer tub sides
Laser cut 1/16 ply tub top and bottoms w/radio box lid
Laser cut 1/8 & 1/4 ply bulkheads
Laser cut 1/16 ply sponson plates
Laser cut 1/16 & 1/8 ply sponson sheeting
Laser cut 1/16 ply ski sides
Laser cut 1/16 ply ski bottoms
Laser cut 1/8 ply tub nose
Laser cut 1/16 ply radio box "lips"
Laser cut Foam Sponson cores
Foam ski cores
Pine tub nose block
Pine sponson nose blocks


No instructions are provided with this kit, as it is intended for
experienced builders only.
There are quite a few forum threads on this hull, and you should visit
the International Waters forum for up to date information and tips.

Here is a link to the International Waters Forum 

We have motor mount sets for the JAE 45 Twin.

We also have Turn fins and Struts available for the JAE 45 Twin.

Zippkits JAE 45 Twin 1/16 Plywood parts 

Zippkits JAE 45 Twin 1/8 Plywood parts

                       Zippkits JAE 45 Twin 1/4 Plywood parts

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