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News Flash!

Martin Truex Jr and David Hall with their Zippkits record boats

Martin Truex Jr. and David Hall Destroy

Existing Records!

Using Zippkits boats built from our kits!

JAE 12G3, JAE 45 and JAE 21Outboard

Congratulations gentlemen!

Go Team JAE!


Jim Skelton from Richmond, VA set the IMPBA 1/16 mile

speed record with a Zippkits Rockett!

60.893 mph with a box stock Zenoah 260!


Congratulations Jim! Very well done!

List of Zipp boats that currently hold world records:

JAE 12 (3)
JAE 21G2 (3)
JAE 21FE (3)
JAE 21OB (3)
JAE 45 (3)
Rockett Thunderboat (1)
ABox Crackerbox (1)

17 world records from one manufacturer.

We are also the lowest priced boats on the market...