On The Drawing Board

These are new projects that we are working on now.

If you have any suggestions for new products, please tell us!


New R4 Outrigger--- Status: Available Now!
This is the 4S (P Limited class) boat to beat in 2024.
Designed for 4S setups and a 36mm motor. 
includes new pre-sharpened turn fin.

Includes ABS cowling.

G48 Tunnel Hull--- Status: Available now!
Kits are now shipping!
This boat is scaled up from our popular G30.

R6 Electric Outrigger    Status: Testing
Larger, 6 cell version of our popular R4 rigger.
Designed for 6S 10000 mah and a big ESC.
Has HD 10mm thick wall carbon booms.
Testing now, and waiting on some vendor supplied parts.

RG Gas Outrigger    Status: Testing

This is the newest version of our gas outrigger.
Many changes to the sponsons and ski, as
well as a completely new cowling design will
make this the easiest building, best running
gas rigger ever!
We are still testing and dealing with some part availability.




-New Hardware-



New Throttle System--- Status: Available now. Direct Throttle Drive!
This is a new system that will eliminate the gas boat throttle linkage.

We have several exciting projects on the horizon.
They still need to be tested to see if the idea even works before we release any info...


If there is a boat, aircraft, hardware item or any other product you would like us to make, please take a
minute to Let Us Know.