On The Drawing Board

These are new projects that we are working on now.

If you have any suggestions for new products, please tell us!

New JAE 21GT--- Status: Available now!

New JAE 33FE Fast Electric--- Status: Available now!
This is the Fast Electric version of our ballistic 21GT nitro.
Designed for 4S LiPo (6000+ mah) and up to a 4092 motor with a 200A+ ESC.

New JAE 67-84--- Status: Available now.
This new JAE 60/80 boat has been fully developed and tested. Available as a short kit only.

New SLR Missile Classic Thunderboat--- Status: Available now!
This is the Record holding Scott Liddycoat/Zipp modified Bullitt Thunderboat that has been sweeping the racing scene in 2016. This will be the easiest building Thunderboat kit available.

New Easy Vee Replacement--- Status: Available now!
New name will be Super Sport.
Our number one beginner gas boat is undergoing a renovation! A lot has changed in 10 years, and we are updating this fun craft to better handle todays power, as well as make it even easier to build.
It will still be the lowest priced gas boat kit, and have even more value!


New 12GT--- Status: Pre-Production
This is the new, longer version of our 12G4. Longer tub (with bait box) and updated ski make this popular boat even better.
We added tab and slot construction for even easier building.


New 26FE Outrigger--- Status: Pre-Production
This is the electric version of our new 12GT.
Designed for 3S setups and a 28mm motor. Lots of room for battery and ESC.
Will include ABS cowling.





-New Hardware-



New Throttle System--- Status: Testing now. Release date: Winter 2018
This is a new system that will eliminate the gas boat throttle linkage.

We have several exciting projects on the horizon.
They still need to be tested to see if the idea even works before we release any info...


If there is a boat, aircraft, hardware item or any other product you would like us to make, please take a
minute to Let Us Know.



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