Tuned Pipe Fitment

Will the Super Tuned Pipe fit my application?

In order for the pipe to provide a supercharging effect, it must be "tuned" to a specific length.
This is about 13.5 inches (measured around the header, to the maximum diameter).

If you try to use any of the "specialty" headers, like the deep vee, wrap to center, etc., they will be much too long to tune.
The deep vee (or wrap forward) header is the worst, adding 6 inches to the system length.

As a result, we only sell headers that will tune with our pipe.

One of the questions that we get alot is "will this pipe fit my RTR gas boat". The answer is yes, with conditions.

Since the pipe will be at a certain length, we have to fit the boat to the pipe.

With an RTR, you have 2 options: Move the transom hole and make it bigger, or run the exhaust over the deck.

Some RTR's, especially the ones with a wet pipe, can only use the pipe over the deck. There is simply not enough distance from the exhaust port to the transom.

Use the pictures below to get an idea of the size transom hole you will need.
Note that you must make a new hole. You cannot pull the pipe to one side to meet an existing hole. It will break.

Measure from the center of the exhaust port to the transom.

Zipp Pipe for RTR